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Toroidal transformers

Questionnaire for single-phase and three-phase transformers

Toroidal transformers TC type are used to convert AC of one voltage into AC voltage of another. These products are analogous to single-phase multi-purpose dry-type transformers.

As compared with transformers with split cores (types PL, SL) and assembled from the laminations , the use of toroidal transformers results in the reduction of weight and size, provides higher efficiency, and reduces manufacturing complexity.

There is the variety of TC type transformers: two or more coils are impregnated or not impregnated in varnish, and are with flexible or rigid taps. The dimensions of the transformers are based on customer requirements.

The power range of the TC type transformers varies from 5 W to 10 KW.

If the primary and secondary voltages do not differ significantly (no more than two times) and there is no need for electrical isolation between the windings, it is advisable to use an autotransformer. Advantages of the autotransformer include the reduction of the weight of the winding, dimensions and, consequently, the cost of the product.